we improve processes to reduce waste and cut lead times, whilw maintaining high quality components

For more than 40 years, Phoenix Tool and Molding has continually evolved along with our customers.

We have regularly expanded our manufacturing capabilities, investing in the technology that keeps our services aligned with current customer needs as we provide time- and money-
saving in-house
services that include:

Our turnkey service means we handle everything, from product design and engineering through production and assembly, giving customers peace of mind and the freedom to keep their attention where they want it – on growing their own business.


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Our investment in contemporary automation allows us to ensure the consistent on-site design and manufacture of quality parts, meet our commitment to fast delivery, and cut waste. That means better products – faster and cheaper – to customers everywhere.



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At Phoenix Tool & Molding, we meet customers’ unique needs through a variety of printing services.

assembly & testing

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Our single-source commitment means we follow every project through to completion, as we offer a full suite of testing and assembly services.